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The weekend of action is just around the corner and we are looking forward to numerous, colourful and diverse actions! There is always a lot to do and organise in the run-up to an action. It is important for us, especially in view of the new police laws (PolG) and the increasing state repression, to be well prepared before going into action.

Denial of identity?

Instead of giving a recommendation, we would like to refer here to Ende Gelände’s texts with a focus on mass actions, the Legal Team’s legal aid brochure and an ABC Rhineland blog entry on personal experiences with the denial of personal data.

Discuss and decide (personally) in advance whether you want to give or refuse personal details to the police. (chapter 3)

Detention and repression

Irrespective of whether you decide for or against a refusal of personal data, prepare yourselves for a possible detention by the police. Inform yourselves whether a new PolG has already come into force in your state and what this means in concrete terms. New police laws have already come into force in Bavaria, Brandenburg, Hesse, Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Palatinate and Saxony, despite broad resistance.

More info e.g. hier:

There are numerous possibilities to go into action as well prepared as possible and to carry possible repressions together and in solidarity. This can and should include

that EA work should be scheduled. In many cities there is an investigative committee (EA) or friendly structures that people can request for action.

that GeSa support should be included. It is simply so much nicer to be received by people of solidarity after their stay in the prison collection centre (GeSa), e.g. with food and warm clothing. that in the case of mail from e.g. that in the case of mail from e.g. cops and public prosecutors, you should never react without first obtaining advice from AntiRep structures and/or trustworthy lawyers.

that mail is no reason for panic, that nobody is left alone, but only if the person informs others.

that there is always money somewhere for anti-repression work, but that solidarity must be mutual and that everyone should also cooperate according to abilities and capacities.

that anti-repression work should be included in actions and that capacities should always be planned for it.

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